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Peter Portante 2012 Skip Barber National Shootout Champion
Ben Albano 2013 Skip Barber Mazdaspeed Champion and 2014 Skip Barber MX-5 Pro Series Runner Up
Olaaf Rossi 2014 NASA Spec Iron finishing 4th in the Nationals
Eric Mies 2015 PCA 911 GTC4 National Champion

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Tom Piper

Eric Mies & Jason Krikorian


It depends a bit on the track, time of year, commitment to a season, and type of event. Generally speaking my daily fee ranges between $750-$1,500. 

Advanced chassis tuning & development as well as advanced Data Analysis (MoTec, AIM, Cosworth, ATLAS, etc.) can be arranged for with an engineering partner.

Olaaf Rossi. I was introduced to Lee during my Skip Barber 3 day racing school and we immediately bonded. The following year I hired him to become my personal coach during my rookie season in NASA’s Spec Iron class. He improved my lap times, my driving skill, car control, and my situational awareness. The single most important revelation from his coaching was the realization of my own self-confidence. I’ve now no qualms whatsoever getting onto track in a high powered racecar. He broke through my self-doubt and ego and showed me that inner confidence that was always within-- I know how to drive, race, and win. 

personalized coaching

I coach drivers in professional series, club series, as well as HPDE drivers looking to grow their skills and lower their laptimes..

The way I work differs for each driver-- so much depends on what their goals are and their own methods of listening, learning and performing. 

Typically I will right-seat for a few sessions, then transition to radio based coaching. After each session we will do a joint video review, and depending on the driver, a data analysis session. Sometimes it's important to setup on-track drills to hone in on technique (and taping over the lap-timer!)