--$525 Per Car (unlimited drivers)

--Racecars Only
--Drivers must hold a current competition license

--12 PM to 5PM
​--5 Hours of Open Track

--Classic Configuration

--Professional Coaching Available on request

--$550 Per Driver

--Skidpad Car included

​Our car control clinic consists of three modules, 15 students and 4 professional instructors. Two modules are on mini-race tracks, and one on a skidpad with water sprinkers. After each of your track sessions, you will hop into a provided mazda miata setup for skidpad training-- with a pro driver in the right seat. You will learn advanced car control techniques such as spin recovery, trail brake oversteer, and trailing throttle oversteer. Then, you will apply these techniques in your own car, while the profesional instructors fine tune the nuances to your car, tires, and driving style.  

This program is designed to build the skills you need when driving your car on a race track at and above the limit- and especially in the rain. 

Lime Rock Skidpad & Miniature Racktracks 

ANy questions about the events? drop us a note!

Proper Lap of Lime Rock Park by Advance Motorsports client Ben Albano

lime rock park test & tune april 12th

lime rock park Car control CLINic